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Tension Springs

Tension springs provide a resistive force as they are pulled. Tension springs are widely used across all industries where a pulling force is required and can be produced with many different loop/hook formations to suit your application needs.

Hook or loops are normally provided to allow a force to be applied but there are many other end types that may be more suitable to your application. When the loops move apart, the tension spring tries to pull them together again. When tension springs are formed they can be adjusted to fit the required load of your application.

Things to consider with Tension Springs:

  1. What is the fitted length of your spring?
  2. What additional movement/travel will you require?
  3. What fitted pressure will you require?*
  4. What pressure is required when the spring is at the end of its travel?
  5. What type of hooks/loops will you require?
  6. What environment will the spring be working in? (This will help determine material selection).

*If you’re not sure about the exact pressure required for your application try using a standard spring from our stock. We hold some 500 standard springs in stock plus almost 200 miscellaneous sizes.

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