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Compression Springs

A compression spring is a helical open coiled spring that gives resistance against a compressive force. They are the most common spring type as they are one of the most efficient energy storage devices around.

We offer a proven supply solution for your annual delivery requirements. Our supply chain experience and knowledge will help with any procurement process. We have a number of long term relationships that we consistently supply with high quality and on time deliveries. We have a proven track record of hitting 99% of all our deliveries over 10 years. Our bespoke solutions can be manufactured in a variety of materials including stainless steel, spring steel in either plain, tinned or galvanised materials, Music Wire, Phosphor bronze, Beryllium Copper, Brass, Copper, Chrome Vanadium, Chrome Silicon. In addition to these bespoke solutions we also carry a large stock of compression and extension springs.

Compression springs are the most widely used spring across all industries as they are robust , easy to assemble and cost-effective making them very common in most mechanical devices. You can make compression springs in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate a large range of uses including cylindrical, conical, barrel and hourglass. We will always strive to make the best most efficient spring for your product. Compression springs can be either ground or unground depending on the needs of the customer both of these can be accommodated If you have a problem that you believe a compression spring can solve please contact us today so we can help you through the process.

Things to consider with Compression Springs:

  1. How is your spring going to be located, in a hole, over a peg?
  2. If in a hole what is the diameter of the hole?
  3. If over a peg what is the diameter of the peg?
  4. What pressure is required and at what movement/deflection?
  5. What total movement/deflection do you require?
  6. What can the solid height of the compressed coils be?
  7. What environment will the spring be working in; this will help determine material selection?
Compression Spring Diagram

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