Buy Stock Compression Springs

Compression springs are the most common spring over all industries. We have a large variety of off the shelf stock compression springs for any use. All our springs are carbon spring steel and ground as standard.

Our stock compression springs range from:

Outside Diameter: 3.18mm to 50.8mm

Free Length: 12.7mm to 203.2mm

Wire Diameter: 0.51mm to 4.88mm

Stock springs are the cheapest way to source your springs. If you need help selecting a spring for your application please get in contact either through email or phone 0121 5573081.

(Taken from FAQ)

Terminology Specific to Compression Springs

Free Length – The overall length of a spring in the unloaded position.

Pitch – The centre of wire to the centre of wire of adjacent active coils (best practice is to specify active or total coils).

Ends Closed – Where the end of spring pitch is reduced so the end coils touch.

Closed and Ground Ends – As Ends Closed but ground square for more stable location.

Solid Height – Compressed length of a spring, when all the coils are touching with no spaces between.

When you are looking at buying Compression springs. It is important to ask the right questions and have answers for them below we have listed some of the most important questions to answer.

(Taken from “bespoke compression spring page and expanded )

Things to consider with Compression Springs:

How is your spring going to be located, in a hole, over a peg? If the spring is going in a hole, then the outside diameter of the spring is very important to ensure a good fit. If the spring is going to be fit over a peg, then the inside diameter is more important.

If in a hole what is the diameter of the hole? When a compression spring is going into a hole you need to take into consideration that the spring will expand when compressed and to allow for this.

If over a peg what is the diameter of the peg? You need to ensure that the spring will fit over and be able to freely move.

What pressure is required and at what movement/deflection? This is normally the hardest thing to gauge. How much force do you require at any given deflection of the spring the force of a compression spring is highly determined by the wire diameter. If you need more help with this, please contact us.

What total movement/deflection do you require? How far do you need the spring to move as the spring the force of the spring will grow know how far your spring needs to travel will help know what pressure you need.

What can the solid height of the compressed coils be?

The solid height of springs is determined by the number of coils in the spring times the wire diameter. It is important to take the solid height into consideration so that is does not conflict with how far you need to spring to travel.

What environment will the spring be working in; this will help determine material selection? All of our stock compression springs are plain carbon spring steel that is suitable for most industrial uses but if you spring is going to be out side or in a marine environment it is important to get the right material for the job if you need your springs to be made from a different material please  contact us.

If you can’t get what you need from stock

We offer a custom spring solution for every product. We can take you from idea to production helping you along the way with advice and designs for any springs needed for your product. If you need compression, tension or any other kind of spring please do not hesitate to call us and start moving forwards with your ideas.

If you need a custom spring made to your specifications or need a spring made from a sample, we can help. We have the capacity to supply any volume of spring from 1 off’s to millions. We use the latest design tools to ensure that any design work we do is as accurate as possible.

We can make springs from many kinds of materials to include.

  • beryllium copper
  • vanadium chrome
  • Inconel
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Nimonic 90
  • Titanium alloys
  • Silicon manganese steel

We also offer a range of different wire types to include.

  • Square wire
  • Flat strip
  • Triangular
  • Rectangle