Coil Springs Direct Ltd

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs provide a resistive force as they are rotated, according to which hand torsion springs are made they can be rotated either way appropriately.

Torsion springs are widely used across all industries where a rotational force is required and can be produced with many different leg configurations to suit your application needs.

Supplied to BS1726 tolerances, or to your specification, our wide range of torsion springs are produced in round, square or rectangular profiles and in materials including spring steel, stainless steel and phosphor bronze.

Things to consider with Torsion Springs:

  1. What mandrel size will the spring work over?
  2. What direction do you want the spring to work in?
  3. How many degrees/revolutions of rotation are required?
  4. When the spring is in its fitted position what pressure is required?
  5. When the spring is at the end of its rotation what pressure is required?
  6. What maximum length can you accommodate, remembering the spring will get longer as it rotates?